Raise your Seed / Series A
with confidence

Are you struggling to :

  • Find the time to prepare your fundraising material?

  • Decide which investor is most suitable for your startup?

  • Explain your business model to investors?

  • Figure out how much money you actually need?

"Rob was invaluable at a critical point for our business. He helped us prepare for a number of fundraising scenarios, after which we felt much more confident to tackle the task ahead.

If you don't have in-house financial expertise I highly recommend Rob as a partner and advisor."

Dustin Laverick - Founder of Touchcard

With the Fundraising Preparation Program you:

Increase confidence
Tell your story confidently

Control the process
Avoid surprises and delays

Maximize Chances
To close the right investor

Deepen understanding
Of your own business and the investor perspective

Sleep better
No more sleepless nights worrying about raising money

Avoid mistakes
Learn from the mistakes that others have made so you don't have to

Early Stage Fundraising Is Getting Harder

  • Early stage funding dropped 33% in Q1 2019 *

  • Early stage SaaS investments have been imploding since 2014 **

  • Many startups raise multiple seed rounds - because they are till too small for a strong A round ***

What is the Fundraising Preparation Program

The Finance Insight Program is a 3 stage "done-with-you" program.

Together, we make sure that:

  • You have all fundraising material ready, from teaser to pitchdeck to financial model

  • You feel comfortable to select the right investor that suits your business

  • You are confident you get the right terms

  • You don't lose sleep, worrying about raising investment

What you get

  • 8 (Bi-)weekly Sessions (60+ min each) for each module with your dedicated and experienced CFO

  • All relevant material to help you prepare for each module and execute the actions afterwards

  • ABEL Finance Financial Modeling guide 

  • Unlimited email support during the Program

  • Access to our private Facebook group where we share insights & best practices

  • 20% Discount on ABEL Finance Virtual CFO services


USD 2,975

How does the Fundraising Preparation Program work?

The ABEL Finance "2X4" Framework gets you ready to confidently raise that Seed or Series A.

The frameworks makes sure you are prepared on all critical parts of the fundraising.

4x Company Specific

Challenging you to understand your story: where are you heading, why and how are you heading there?


Does your startup have a clear, well thought through and appealing


Do you have a committed team that covers the key competencies
needed for your business to succeed?


Do you have a product or MVP in place, and a clear roadmap going forward?


Do you have evidence the market exists and your customers are willing to pay?

4x Fundraising Specific

Challenging you to prepare thoroughly for the fundraising process


What information will you provide to the investor at what stage?


What do you expect or need from the investor besides the money?


Do you have access to the right investors?
Do you how you will get access to those investors?


Are you truly ready for a long process with continuous fine tuning of your pitch and with at times dismissive, at times even blunt, feedback
from investors?

How do you know this is for you?

  • You want to raise a Seed or Series A investment

  • You know that raising investment takes a serious effort

  • You have a vision of where your business could go in the next years

  • You are not in urgent cash flow problems


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What Our Clients Say:

It was like the fog has lifted and I finally understand the financial side of our business on a much deeper level. I was a bit worried I would feel embarrassed at my total lack of financial knowledge, but Rob immediately put me at ease and was able to explain complex financial concepts in a way that made them easy to understand.

Leanne Beesley - Coworker.com

ABEL helped us prepare for a funding round.
They went way beyond the original scope (in a good way!). They took on the role of CFO: helping with the investment pitch, screening of suitable investors, and much more.

Since their involvement we say: who needs a CFO when you can have ABEL?

Tim Metz - Saent

Fundraising Preparation Program FAQ:

What is a fundraising coach?
A fundraising coach guides you through all steps your SaaS needs to take to make your SaaS as 'fundable' as possible. We help you make sure that your product, your sales, your team and your fundraising strategy are ready, so you can confidently pitch to the best investor.

I've already started raising - can I still join?
No, this program is specifically designed to get you ready before starting. But we can still help you during the process. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

What is the difference between a fundraising coach and a fundraising agent?
A fundraising agent claims to get you funding through their amazing network of investors. However, most of them are not well connected. They don't really help you find the right investor either. And for early rounds, investors do not like startups that need an agent.

A fundraising coach does not act on your behalf. We enable and support you, so you can raise the investment yourself. We work with a fixed fee, so we have no incentive to push you in a deal that is bad for you.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a fundraising agent?
For you as the founder, that is a very expensive option. For Seed and Series A, the success fees are about 5-10% of capital raised. You may think that the investor is paying that, but actually you are paying that! For that money, you also could bring in more developers or sales people…

For the investor, it is a big, red, question mark. These rounds, they invest in the team more than anything else. And working with a fundraising agent is not a good sign, it raises questions about the abilities of the team.

With the ABEL Fundraising Preparations Program, YOU remain in the driver seat. YOU are doing the fundraising. We guide you from the passenger seat.

About ABEL Finance:

ABEL Finance is a Finance & Strategy advisory firm.

We help online businesses grow faster & more profitable.
Since our start in 2017, we’ve helped dozens of online businesses in e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, SaaS and consultants & agencies succeed.

We understand finance, and we have loads of experience working with online businesses.
The difference with other advisors is: we truly listen, we tailor our support to help you realize your goals and ambition.

About Rob te Braake

My curiosity and drive to learn, be free and help others has led me down the road that started with 2 Master degrees back in the Netherlands, on the corporate road where I worked as an expat in China in the banking industry.

There my entrepreneurial drive started to grow, leading to the (co-)founding of 6 companies – ranging from finance to technology to consulting. I've been on the roller coaster that building a business is - struggling with cash flow, clients and investors and celebrating every time you get back on your feet.

Since starting ABEL, I found my meaning by combining my finance and entrepreneurial experience helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and grow faster & more profitable.

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